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Toy Assessment
(3-5 years old)

As a new parent, there is so much to figure out. On top of ensuring your baby is fed, sleeping, and clean, you want to help them explore the world around them and reach their developmental milestones. But it can be hard to know exactly what they need at every stage of their development. Over the past several years, a new crop of toy-subscription boxes promising to help in that regard has emerged. They send parents and caregivers toys to encourage their little one's brain development based on their chronological age.

"Toy subscription boxes are pre-selected toys based on a child's chronological age, not developmental age or individual need, which means many of the toys received will not be appropriate for their child."

-Triandie Wold, CEO

One of our trained Toy Specialists will visit your home and look at your child's toys and organization. We may need to declutter and reorganize your child's toys to support their development. We will provide toy suggestions and purchase new toys upon your approval. We will hand-select toys for your child's interests, needs, and development and send them directly to you.

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