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Developmental Intervention

(3-5 years old)

"Every year, many children enter school with undiagnosed developmental delays."


Many children with developmental delays are not identified as early as possible. Screening tools allow us to recognize potential delays sooner. Scientific studies and childhood health experts maintain that interventions need to be applied early in life when a child's brain function and behavior are thought to be more influenced. But now, according to new research, it doesn't matter when we intervene. A recent Oxford University study finds that parenting and developmental interventions for helping children with delays are just as effective in school age as in younger children.


"In simple words, it's never too early, and it's never too late!"


No matter their age, every child can make progress, and we are here to help! We strive to make our sessions fun, enjoyable, and interactive. Whether working on homework or doing a simple art project, we strive to meet academic goals and IEP Outcomes.

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